We believe in transparency, scalability, flexibility, and the future.

Alpha Lab 40 is an institutional-grade trading partner that provides world-class access to a vast network of exchanges and markets.

Market Making

Whatever the challenge, we're here for you. From guiding new token projects through the exchange listing process, playing a supportive role as a trusted partner, providing solutions to an exchange that wants to bring on institutional liquidity providers, and more.

  • Our algorithmic trading provides deep liquidity and a tight bid-ask spread, all while progressively innovating technical abilities to reduce volatility and enhance the client experience.
  • Constant communication and reports keep our clients informed of developments at all times.
  • Alpha Lab 40 strives to be transparent by communicating all market metrics to clients. Our reports outline all KPIs maintained.
  • The insight from the reports helps clients change their internal strategies to serve their customers better.
  • Facilitate OTC trading for treasury management.
  • Liquidation of large amounts of tokens without moving the market.
  • Large and complex options to help to lower risk.
  • We help diversify treasury to maintain risk levels.
  • Help large shareholders to sell without moving the market.
  • Benefiting from the potential margin, capital, and operational efficiencies of clearing.

Liquidity Providing

Our deep and broad access to digital asset markets allows us to provide low-latency liquidity with industry-leading spreads. In addition, our OTC desk can offer block-size liquidity with minimal market impact.

  • We utilize our deep understanding of traditional financial and digital asset markets to enable our clients to quickly and efficiently execute any products.
  • The product offerings can be customized for each of our clients.
  • Products include spot, derivatives, structured products, basis trading, vol trading and DeFi products.
  • Swift onboarding process.
  • Customizable settlement process.
  • Adjustable credit limits.
  • No transaction fees for any size or token.
  • Adjustable margin levels.
  • Institutional infrastructure.
  • Easy integration to Copper and Fireblocks.